Riko The Series is an Indonesian educational (edutainment) entertainment that presents scientific content related to the Quran (Quranic Sciences) in every episode. Until now, Riko The Series has made 99 Murottal Videos and 3 Animation seasons containing a total of 170 Videos, comprising 66 Episodes, 5 children’s songs, and 99 Murottal Al-Qur’an Videos. Produced by Garis Sepuluh Corporation, Riko The Series is now life on YouTube and GTV.


Gender : Male & Age : 8 yo. Energic, Cheerful, High Curiosity & Enthusiastic about Science. Riko likes to explore and try something new, he always has a lot of questions for everything he found. As a characteristic, whenever Riko has a question his hair (Like a Question Mark) is always standing.


Is a robot that comes from the past that is 1000 (thousand) years old, this robot was made with the aim to perpetuate various histories of discoveries and various kinds of science. Using solar panel, Has a special hologram ability, the eyes changed according the emotional & Feels. The Hand can be turn into any tool needed, Knowing all kinds of science

Riko The Series

is the first IP from Garis Sepuluh Corporation company.

which is a creative content company that provides positive and inspiring entertainment for children and families. Who has a mission to contribute to Indonesia towards an advanced and authoritative nation through inspiring works.

Founder of Garis Sepuluh

Teuku Wisnu I Arie Untung

Our Colaborations


Riko the Series with the DKI Jakarta Regional Government raise the 3M Health Protocol through videos shown on social media and also the DKI Jakarta Regional Government's Video Trone.


Riko The Series together with BNPB (National Disaster Management Agency) collaborated to socialize about the first action to save oneself when experiencing an earthquake.


Riko The Series and PUSPEKA (Character Development Center) collaborate to provide education about wisely using or consuming the internet for teenagers and parents.


Riko The Series and BSSN (National Cyber Sandi Agency) collaborate to inform or educate together about how to be ethical in social media, especially for children, teenagers, and parents.


Riko The Series and the Sunat123 clinic are collaborating to provide fast and fun circumcision facilities for Riko The Series fans, children, and parents of Indonesian children.